Thursday, 30 March 2023

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CME/Conferences/Academics Activities conducted by the Institution

Academic Activities Academic Activities

Date Topic Lectures given by
04-01-2019 Role of Agnikarma in Vatakantaka Dr. Santosh BAMS; MS
04-02-2019 Early Cancer detection and role of medical students Kameshwari
05-04-2019 The scope and importance of Pharmacognosy in Ayurveda Dr. Noorunnisa
25-04-2019 Pathophysiology of Malaria Dr. Vamshidhar.A MBBS; MD
16-05-2019 Guest Lecture on Dengue fever Dr. Venkatesh MBBS; MD
20-05-2019 Role of Acupuncture in Pain Management Dr. P.N.Bhat MBBS; MD
01-06-2019 Ayurvedic clinical practice Dr. Kulkarni BAMS; MD
26-06-2019 Aupasargika Vyadhis Dr. Rekha BAMS; MD
30-06-2019 Guest Lecture on Heart rate variability Dr. Vivek MBBS Cardio
14-08-2019 Principles of fracture fixation Dr. Arun MBBS; MS
11-10-2019 Importance of practice of yoga in managing life style disorder Ms. Anitha Hegde Yoga Instructor
25-11-2019 Importance of knowledge of Dinacharya & Rhutucharya in present era Dr. Prashanth BAMS, MD
09-12-2019 Guest lectures on Research Methodology & Statistics Dr. Nagaraj BAMS, MD
27-12-2019 Guest lectures on Painless tooth extraction Dr. Kavitha.C BAMS, MS




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